You may remember me a little.  It's been awhile since I've posted on lj.  Been sticking mostly to twitter as of late.  But now is a time to try all avenues of help.  If ever you enjoyed one of my stories, or the conversations we had back in the day.  Please read and share if you can.

My mother is entering Hospice for the last few days of her life. Per her doctor, she will not last the week and may pass at any time. She had a massive stroke six days ago which was completely debilitating. The stroke happened right in front of my eyes. I watched my beloved mother fall into this version of hell, locked in the cage of her own body. I have been in a nightmare ever since....sitting at her side as her condition worsens hourly.

My mother and I have no family. It was just me and her against the world. She raised me on her own. She has been disabled for over 15 years and has no savings to help provide for her final rest.

I feel like my world is crushed. She was my mother, my friend, my roommate, my all. And I cannot believe such a beautiful, creative and strong willed woman has been brought down so suddenly. So harshly.

I am asking for help to cover her cremation and medical costs. It grieves me to ask. But I am very much alone in this now and I need the help.

Please give if you can and share if you will. May her passing bring her to the peace she needs and deserves.

Thank you for what kindness you can share.


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