Or rather - instead of news, a request!!! I need help...

During the middle of posting the story "Encompassed" - I was gifted with an AMAZING work of fanart from the lovely!!! [livejournal.com profile] piper47 which you can see HERE.

It was an fantastic feeling to receive it - I can assure. I then got her help on doing two "covers" for the soundtracks I did for the characters Declan Rai and Ashton Forster. Featured under the cut - Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket .

So - considering I am sooooo far into the sequel - at least 4/5's done, if not more! - I was hoping that some of the folks who enjoyed the first story, and are looking forward to the second would lend me a hand.

I'm seeking "fanart" - picture manipulations, wallpapers and/or icons that are from or are inspired by the "Encompassed" Universe. Meaning anything Brian/Michael or Declan/Ash - or a combination of all four! I figured it would be a fun thing to help my muse, and maybe to share with folks while this story is getting finished and edited. You choose the themes, and you can go as wild and fantastical as you like - tame or risque!

((BTW - my mother tells me that my fic shouldn't be called a "story" - the length now qualifies it as a "novella" - yea me!))

Anywho - is anyone interesting in giving this a go? You have SOOO many pretty men to work with! There are a ton of photos of Brian and Michael (or alternately Gale and Hal) on the web to work with.

As for Declan/Ashton - no worries! Remember they are based on the physical appearances of Aidan Gillen and Craig Kelly - so all you'd need to do is go to the Aidan Gillen/Craig Kelly Photo Archive - HERE. There are now over 3,000 photos (THUD) there of those two men in all their glory - so it's an artist's playground!

I hope that this appeals to your interests - and I think it would be wonderful for the readers too! Anything that helps with the visuals...lol.

Seriously - if anyone gives this a go - manyyyyyyy thanks in advance!!!



(PS - if no one is, I'll be hiding in the dark corner across the room...lol.)

ETA - scratch the "novella" - darlins. This thing is over 79,000 words - what's that mean? It's a "novel" - *faints*....

From: [identity profile] xof1013.livejournal.com

Really??? Oh fantastic! *jumping up and down*

Whoo hooooooooooo - hugs

xof - happy xof

From: (Anonymous)

I am a big fan of your fanfic "Encompassed" and I'm VERY agitatedly to read your sequel. I've done a little blend for you. Maybe you'll like it. Here is the kink for it: http://img131.imageshack.us/img131/7276/bild7es3.jpg. So if you like it, you can do with it what ever you want.


From: [identity profile] xof1013.livejournal.com

Ohhh, thank you! I love seeing what folks can do when they mess photos! Sooo great to see what new things come out. Thank you again, :)

Btw - just one question - what is the design on Michael's stomach? :) Would there be a way to possibly have the photo with that removed (I have a reference to something in the sequel that deals with tattoos, and having that there might confuse people...lol. But really, if that's causes any trouble, then never mind.) I'm just thrilled to see folks giving it a go!



From: (Anonymous)

Oh, I'm so sorry, but I can't remove it. I don't save the original with different layers. That's a brush I used as a tattoo for Michael, cause I want to see how he would look if he has a big tattoo. In my sick brain I have that image of Michael with a permanent mark of Brian's "ownership" of his body.

Hugs klixxxi

From: [identity profile] nytelover.livejournal.com

I really need to invest in some art programs for my computer and then get good with them.

Sorry I can't be helpful with this. But I'm hoping your flist pulls through and makes your day.

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