(OMG Twilight Zone Weirdness Happened!!!)

The cast of Husbands did two radio interviews last night for LA Talk Radio. They had a scheduled interview with Sheena Metal - and I got to call in! (Lawd, my accent....sigh) and talk with them. Which was cool.

Then things got.... weird! Right as they were leaving, the DJ for the next show asked them to stay for another interview. What's weird about that?

1) The next show is a Psychic discussion show. (Wait, stay with me!) - the original guest cancelled last minute.
2) The show's psychic is named Rebecca. (Not really weird yet.)
3) Rebecca talks to Cheeks first - and towards the end says she's getting something about "Jean...or...." - Cheeks, who's just been told a couple minutes before this that his grandmother is watching over him, says his grandmother's cousin is ... "Ethel Jean". (WHAT???)
4) I lose my shit....lol - and here's why:

a - I'm named Rebecca, and I just talked to Cheeks for the 1st time live on the phone!
b - His surprise interview is with a Psychic named Rebecca.
c - Ethel Jean?!?!?!? - Is my mother's name!

5) I'm in shock, but manage to glance down and see the time stamp for the exact end of Cheeks' portion of the interview - it's 10:13 PM EST.
6) My internet name is xof1013 (awwwwwwww!)
7) I tweet Cheeks to tell him about this - and he immediately replies to me - "O.M.F.G."


The mp3's for both the Sheena Metal and the Rebecca Fearing LA Talk Radio shows are now up on their websites. However, I have done interview-only edits so that you don't have to sit through commercials or interviews with other guests that aren't Cheeks, Alessandra and Sean.

Sheena Metal - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=F6U5X5CA (This is where I call in...)

Rebecca Fearing - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=T83GIQVL (This is where things went NUTS!)




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