Since there has been soooooooo many newbies coming to join us at the stuartandvince yahoo list -

(if you're not a member there, WHY NOT? lol...) -

I wanted to provide a listing and information on several sites that may be of interest to all fans of the original UK QAF, Aidan Gillen and Craig Kelly!!!

A) Let's start with the new prezzies!!! I've spent the day creating new sound files from two television appearances of Aidan and Craig:

Aidan - NBC's "Law & Order: Trial By Jury" - Episode 3 (OMG, wasn't he FABULOUS!!!!) - I've added a new folder to the file section of the Aidan_Gillen_Vox3 yahoo list, which includes 12 sound clips of his dialogue from the episode that aired just March 11th, 2005! (Link provided below...)

Craig - "A Touch Of Frost: Dead Man One" - Since I found out that Netflix has this available on DVD, I has created screencaps and NOW!!! - soundfiles of his dialogue. Which meant I had to create list number THREE! for him - so introducing Craig_Kelly_Vox3, with a folder in the file section with 9 soundfiles!!! (Link provided below...)


Now, for the rest - I'm recycling past invitation/announcement emails I've sent to the lists, to help me get all my bases With updates on new lists, folders and photo numbers!!!

B) QAFLovers Photo Archive List on Smartgroups:

If you're a member of my photo archive list (there's over 1400 there!!!) on smartgroups - QAFLovers - or if you've never heard of it, but wanna see TONS of pictures from the QAF cast members Aidan Gillen & Craig Kelly's careers....this is THE place to go!!!

I've created individualized photo albums for the show - its two main characters - and the actors' other works!!!

Publicity photos, Candids, Screencaps, Artwork, etc etc - even exclusive and HARD TO FINE! Photos are now waiting for you to have a

Here's how the archive photo albums are now arranged - and a total of how many pics you'll find in them. (BTW - some of your favorite pics can now be found larger and in better quality than you get on yahoo groups photo albums!!!! - Remember that Yahoo has a tendency to downsize their pics - so that only the originator of the upload can see their photos in the original size.)

1) Acid Creations (UK Artwork) - 2 pics
2) Aidan G - Article/Interview/Candid Photos - 76 pics
3) Aidan G - Film - Buddy Boy - 10 pics
4) Aidan G - Film - Circle of Friends - 6 pics
5) Aidan G - Film - Five Little Pigs - 11 pics
6) Aidan G - Film - Gold in the Streets - 3 pic
7) Aidan G - Film - Mojo - 14 pics
8) Aidan G - Film - My Kingdom - 5 pics
9) Aidan G - Film - Photo Finish - 1 pic
10) Aidan G - Film - Safe - 6 pics
11) Aidan G - Film - Shanghai Knights - 14 pics
12) Aidan G - Film - Some Mother's Son - 12 pics
13) Aidan G - Film - The Courier - 6 pics
14) Aidan G - Film - The Final Curtain - 7 pics
15) Aidan G - Film - The Low Down - 18 pics
16) Aidan G - Film - Trouble With Sex - 11 pics
17) Aidan G - Film Short - The Burning Bed - 12 pics
18) Aidan G - On Stage (Plays) - 39 pics
19) Aidan G - Television - Dice - 2 pics
20) Aidan G - Television - Law & Order - Trial By Jury - 3 pics
21) Aidan G - Television - Lorna Doone - 6 pics
22) Aidan G - Television - The Bill - 6 pics
23) Aidan G - Television - The Darkling - 11 pics
24) Aidan G - Television - The Wire - 29 pics
25) Aidan G - UK QAF (Stuart Alan Jones) - 41 pics
26) Craig K - Article/Interview/Candid Photos - 19 pics
27) Craig K - Film - Oh, Marbella - 18 pics
28) Craig K - Film - Spice World - 4 pics
30) Craig K - Film - The Young Americans - 9 pics
31) Craig K - Film - Three Blind Mice - 10 pics
32) Craig K - Film - Titantic - 6 pics
33) Craig K - Film - When Saturday Comes - 6 pics
34) Craig K - FIlm - Wing Commander - 1 pics
35) Craig K - Television - A Touch Of Frost - 28 pics
36) Craig K - Television - Casualty - 2 pics
37) Craig K - Television - Children of the New Forest - 2 pics
38) Craig K - Television - Clocking Off - 4 pics
39) Craig K - Television - Helen Of Troy - 20 pics
40) Craig K - Television - Love Gods - 4 pics
41) Craig K - Television - Waking the Dead - 11 pics
42) Craig K - UK QAF (Vince Tyler) - 19 pics
43) Stuart - Nathan pics - 15 pics
44) Stuart - Vince pics - 46 pics
45) Stuart, Vince and Nathan - 17 pics
46) UK - Odd and End Pics - 23 pics

Dannnnnnnnnnnnnng - 46 PHOTO ALBUMS!!!!!
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd - Over 600 PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now go, you darlins - one and all and have some visual thrills!!!!!!!!!!

Group Email:
Manager Email:
To Join:
To Leave:

Remember also - these photos are for private sharing. Do not try to directly link off of them... Tisk Tisk. No profit's being, hell - I'm promoting their work and their careers...hehe. They should pay me... (Just kidding.)


C) For EVERYONE who's a QAF UK fan - here's your prezzies!!!!

56 - yes, that's fifty-six - sound files from the Definitive DVD Collection of UK QAF!!!!

These sounds are from the commentary portions of the DVDs and also from Deleted scenes that we've never been privy too before now!!!! You get to hear Aidan Gillen, Craig Kelly, Russell Davies, Antony Cotton and Denise Black talking to each other - often times having a go at each other's expenses too...hehe!!!

So, for those who are DYING to see the DVD's - I suggest you buy them straight away. Just consider this a

They should work on any connection speed - dialup is just fine!!! The files aren't terribly big....many are small.

I ask that you right click on each file name, and save as to your computer - do not continually play them off the site, as that would be an abuse to our luvly hostess at ATP.

Each file's name is a recap of its content - including episode # and series # - and the Deleted Scenes are coded as DS. Also, each file has a xof description underneath - so you can get a feel of what you'll be listening to as you save the file!!!

Sooooooooooooo, without further ado:

The usual disclaimers apply - namely that I don't own the content - I am sharing with my friends. No profit is being made. And NO ONE is to utilize these files for anything but personal use on their home computers. That's an


D) Sound Files: Vox Yahoo Lists!!!!!!!

(((If Yahoo acts up, just try to download later - it usually means too many folks are downloading at the same time...hugs)))

The key words for all these links are "Rare" - "Obscure" and "Unique."

UK "Queer As Folk" Fans - Here are your gifts:


This list, as are all of them, has be created as a store house for sound files. The files are mostly MPGs and as such are easily played and are all very manageable in size for those who have dial-up connections. QAF_UK_Vox is a home for Interview clips taken off British television with Aidan Gillen and Craig Kelly. The primary folder in the file section is "Boys of Manchester" - a documentary that was officially released during the shoot of QAF UK Series 2. One on one character discussions. This list also has 2 files that are a MUSTTTTTTT for all Aidan Gillen Fans to hear. They are files in which the producers and others discuss Aidan Gillen - the performer and the man - his sexual energy and how he was chosen to play Stuart Alan Jones.

14 clips uploaded.


A list acting as storage space for sound files from Aidan Gillen's early film work. All these films are pre-QAF, and most are hard to find with the exception of "Circle of Friends" and "Some Mother's Son." As it stands, there are 5 folders, one being unfinished - "Some Mother's Son." They include:

"Circle of Friends" - (Sex on the Brain Irish Youth In Love) - 3 clips.
"Gold in the Streets" - (Irish Immigrants in NYC - Aidan falls for a Rich Girl) - 4 clips (including Aidan speaking Gaelic and singing!!!)
"Handful of Stars" - (Irish Youth - On the Verge of a Forced Marriage) - 3 clips.
"Mojo" - (Aidan's Fav Role It Seems - Dodgy Son of Night Club Owner - Gay subtext) - 10 clips.
"Some Mother's Son" - (Unfinished....for the moment) - 0 clips.

20 clips uploaded.


A list housing sound files from Aidan Gillen's post-QAF UK film and television work. Includes one mini-series from the UK, two movies from the US and one mini-series from Canada. The man got around, There are 4 folders, including:

"Buddy Boy" - (Dark - Stuttering Aidan) - 5 clips.
"Dice" - (Gay Mind Gamer - Psycho) - 11 clips.
"Lorna Doone" - (British Baddie - Obsessive Lover Aidan) - 9 clips.
"The Darkling" - (USA Network Film - Deal with the Devil Role) - 4 clips.

29 clips uploaded.


Yes - there's a 3rd one!!! lol.... Mr. Man's been working his arse off....sigh.

A list housing Aidan's more recent film work. And one of them is STILL in theatres, for you that haven't seen it yet!!! There are 2 folders - bursting with TONS of goodies since Aidan's a lead character in both films. And IS the film in "The Low Down." Includes:

"Law & Order - Trail By Jury" - Father on trail for killing sexual predator. - 12 clips
"The Low Down" - (London - A girl, Dropping Trow on a Dance Floor, A snog from Craig Kelly's Brother - it's all good.) - 10 clips.
"Shanghai Knights" - (English Noble Lord - Evil and Posh) - 14 clips.

36 clips uploaded.


Hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee's Craig Kelly. lol......hehe.

This list houses sound files of Craig's career pre- and post-QAF. And believe me - this man's played EVERYTHING. Shy, cocky, British, German, Southern...etc. Wonderful. There are 7 folders in this file section, including:

"Children of the New Forrest" - (Presbyterian Rev. on a Tear) - 2 clips.
"Clocking Off" - (Deadbeat Brother Grieving His Guitar) - 2 clips.
"Having It Off" - (Cowboy Line Dance Instructor - Or Is He?) - 2 clips.
"Spine Chillers - The Love Gods" - (Con Artist - Good Enough to Eat) - 3 clips.
"The Grimleys" - (Cocky Lady's Man & Shop Teacher) - 5 clips.
"The Young American" - (Craig's 1st film - leading role) - 2 clips.
"Young Indiana Jones - Attack of the Hawkmen" - (Mercenary Inventor working for the Germans - WWII) - 2 clips.

18 clips uploaded.


And number Primarily focuses on Rare Interviews that Craig Kelly did on British Television for different projects. Oh, and has the "Oh, Marbella!" trailer. Includes:

"Interviews" - (Talk Shows - QAF and Grimleys) - Includes discussions of Titanic, Acting, Kissing Men, etc. - 6 clips.
"Oh, Marbella!" - (Nudist Vacationer - by Accident) - NEKKID CRAIG ARSE AND DANGLY BITS - For the moment, we have the preview trailer for this film that'll be released in the UK this summer - 1 clip.

7 clips uploaded.


And number Initially, this site will be for extras that we've never been able to gather before - so it could be pre- or post-QAF roles. Including:

"A Touch Of Frost - Dead Man One" - (Soccer player, okay - - With a mysterious stalker.) - 9 clips.

9 clips uploaded.


So that makes 7 - yes, 7 lists. But keep in mind that these are meant to house the sound files for equal opportunity free sharing between friends. For personal use. Find a clip you like, then please do see the film!!!! I want to perk your interest, to expand your admiration and pleasure with the Actors and their work!!!!

Do you like your gift??? I hope so. It's given with love. Please do feel free to forward this invitation to any list you think would be interested.

I'd adore adore adore hearing any comments you have on photos and clips that you liked, on the actors themselves, etc. Please, it only takes a minute and we'd all enjoy having conversations sparked.

For those who just want the files, I recommend you set your memberships to no-mail or digest. Otherwise, I hope to see you soon and talk with you all.


End of the LONG list.... Hope you enjoy.



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