Ok - remember folks, my mom ROCKS! Andddddd, she'll say the wildest things off the cuff. It's like OMG, my MOTHER said that...lol.

Take just now. Watching Hal Sparks singing his first duet with Smokey Robinson!!! Sure there were a few rough pitch transitions from rock to falsetto, but overall - he did so well!!! Yey!!! And he looked great! Hell, even Marie Osmond said he was cute (she's lusting in her heart, folks...snicker).

So I go in to ask Mom what she thought.

"You know... As soon as Smokey said that boy can blow. All I could think was, he just got off a show called Queer As Folk - and my mind totally went there!"


*Dirty-minded moms* - it's a GOOD THING!



ETA - OHHHH, Did I enjoy the Gladys Knight Duet!!! Loved that! And I'm LUVING that the crowds are yellin' for Hal; he'd definately got some admirers in the audience. Now if the judges won't vote him off before the viewers can vote..lol. (No, I don't think he'll win - Jai from Queer Eye and Alphonso are doing the best so far, to my mind.) But hey - I'd like to see him singing more, live and with more music stars...lol.

ETA 2 - YEY!!!! He made it to round two!!!

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