For those of you who read my qaf recaps, you might remember that my mother (who's almost 68) usually made cameo appearances as we continued down the let's-educate-her-about-gay-culture-road.

Welllllllll - thought I'd share a moment that just happened.

After a few years, I actually did share with her that I *gasp* wrote slash fiction - with very explicit gay m/m sex involved. Then I even let her read some of (I know, we've already entered the twilight zone.)

Welllll - she's always been an eccentric, amazingly open-minded ( woman who will forever be a surprise to me. And just now, I was reading online and from the other room I hear this:

Mom - reading from a bookclub flyer she got in the mail - "'The Ultimate Guide To Gay Sex' by Mr. Faggot - that's what he calls himself." As I started to laugh my ass off at this sudden and unexpected addition to our day, she continued reading the summary. Then added, "I just thought it might help you with your writing." Like a reference book.

Still laughing, and trying to fight the image in my head of her as a Kinsey Institute research librarian, all I could say was, "Uhmmm... I don't think I need that, thanks." ha...

There's just sooooo much to know really, but who thought my mother would help lead the way....snicker.



ETA: The hilarity continues.... She was on a bit of a role after this, cracking jokes. As you can tell by this very brief aim recap of me and [ profile] wannabebrit:

x: mom says she's writing a book entitled, "how absolutely pubic can you get"
w: I think she needs to go out on the road
x: "how does she think i got you?"
x: snicker
x: now she's doing julia childs taking about her vagina
w: oh my god
x: *help*

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