Here's tonight's fun moments:

I forget how it started, but she started making jokes about some tv character and called him a twat. Then continued about "in fact he's such an asshole"...etc.

hehe ...

Well, I had to turn to her and ask if she knew that "twat" does in fact NOT mean asshole. At which time she looks at me like I'm nuts, and yes OH YES it does. lol...

I have to say, "Mom, I've read fics, watched shows and talked to enough people from the UK to know that 'twat' means Vagina, cunt, etc."

She looks shocked and says no it doesn't... So what does she do next??? She goes and look up "twat" in the dictionary...hehe.

So a few moments pass, and I hear from the other room. "VULVA!" I'm laughing my ass off. "Yes, mom? What about a vulva?" She says the book says twat means vulva and can sometimes be considered, "vulgar." snicker...

In other words, I was RIGHT!!! hehe.... Which she thought was funny, because of all these years she's heard people here using it in the context of asshole. To which I said that she was surrounded by folks who don't know what they are

So funny moment over, yes? Not yet....hehe.

A few minutes pass, and I hear her say, "Ohhhh, the dictionary's talking about your father's penis!"

"Uhhhnnn???" That's me...

She then reads the definition of a new word she's come across in the dictionary. "Twig" - defined as "a diminutive branch."

hahahahahahaha....snicker, THUD!!! Can you tell they are divorced? (Thankfully.)



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