So there's have been some cute moments lately... Figured I'd share them so others could get a smile or laugh.

Last night was watching the "OUT" loud comedy special on Comedy Central - (((Alan Cumming hosted and AWWWWWWWWWWWWW - Scott Thompson did his "Buddy Cole" skit!!!!))) First - wonderful to see Gay themed comedy on that network - acutally coming FROM gay comedians! (Ok - so sommmmmmmmme of them were straight, but the jokes were mostly all And this is what happened to make me laugh....

I'm on AIM with "A" (Hiya!) - and she says that her straight best friend (a guy) - was the one to actually let her know this show was on TV. Well, actually - to paraphrase - he said something like that "Scottish Kilt Wearing Fag" is on TV...snicker. Meaning Alan Cumming, of course. "A" diplomatically said she thought Alan was more Bi, really. When she told me - I replied:

"Alan Cumming is the Leaning Tower of BI-Piza. His gay side is weighing him down."

(((WHAT? I thought it was

Nowwwwwwwww... For those who are fans of the running drama that is xof and her Here's another one for you....

By now you ALLLLLLLL can't escape the rapid repeat and OVERLY discussed incident with Ms. Nasty Jackson and her Tittie Flop. You can't turn a damn channel without having it repeated and repeated. Hellllll, Entertainment Tonight showed it at least twenty times in a fucking row!!! Not to mention the damn Today Show, too! (((Is it only me? Honestly, if everyone is SOOOOOOO incredibly offended by it - WHY THE FUCK ARE THEY REPEATING IT OVER AND OVER, TIME AND AGAIN - SPENDING HOURS OF EXPENSIVE TV TIME AND DOLLARS TALKING IT TO DEATH???))) But I

So my mom - she's one of those who was offended. Thought it was in bad taste and is enjoying the drama of being one of the outraged multitude. Right?

Righhhhhhht - but this DOES NOT keep her from catching my eye everytime I come into a room or home from work, upon which she keeps pretending to flash me her right breast!!! I mean, She's even practicing with my dogs!!! I left for work today and she put my Pekingnese up so I could see him from the car - and kept making a flashing motion with his paw over his chest!!! Snicker....

Course she also made the comment that they all just better be glad it hadn't been Aretha Franklin - cause she would have killed a member or two of the adoring public if her HUGE knocker came popping out at such high velocity.

Gotta luv her, right? lol....

Haha... Have a good night. I'm just gonna wallow in my own



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