OMG!!!! THUD....... *bounce* THUD!!!

"OutNorthWest" Magazine in the UK has just released their online 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY "QUEER AS FOLK" TRIBUTE!!!


For the issue - they have done interviews with Craig Kelly (Vince), Antony Cotton (Alexander), Russell T Davies, Nicola Shindler, and Adam Zane "Dane".

Interviews - Photos - I'm loving this!!! :)

I'd ask you to forgive the excessive use of "!" but fuck it, this is

You can find Screen Shots from the Mag under the cut. To see the live online mag - go HERE.



Photobucket Photobucket



PS - The Online Mag is fun! You can go full screen and it will zoom so that you can read the text easily.


From: [identity profile]

That is amazing! I'd give a lot to have a copy!

Thanks for sharing!


From: [identity profile]

Woooow, it's so hard to believe it has been TEN year, now I feel old.
Craig looks great, but Antony...OMG, where is that slim boy?
Thank you for your linking.

From: [identity profile]

Wow, look at those pictures. Thanks xof. We first 'met' over QAF when you posted recaps/reviews over at Across the Pond and you're still bringing me the choicest bits about CK and AG. :-)

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