Don't say I don't luv ya'

Because obviously I do, considering these luvly prezzies!!!!

Rented "Three Blind Mice" tonight. Yes, it IS available in the states. And since I felt like testing my DVD screencap feature, I did a handful of our luvly lad for your enjoyment!!!

There are now 10 photos from the three major scenes in which he appears in the film. They are already in their own folder at my QAFLovers photo archive/list:

If you aren't a member there, why not??? hehe - over a thousand folks can't be wrong!!! And with hundreds of goodies to view, it's THE place to look for pics of Aidan and Craig!!!

If you want a second place to view them, you can go to my webshot site. This is the temporary home, QAFLovers is more permanent:

Now for the film: Mediocre at best. Probably a C minus.... It IS BETTER than "The Darkling,"

Again, Craig is in three major scenes - couple of bit scenes in addition to those. He's in the first 1/3 of the film. He plays a character named "Frank" - which I find TOO FUNNY because that was Aidan's character's name in "The Low Down."

And as you can seeeeeeeeeeeee....THUD, he wears Brown Leather! And has a goatee! And spikey hair! Oh and one outfit makes him look VERY sharp, like he's dressing as Stuart or Brian off to work!

And he's a bit of a brute!!!

Plus his accent, OH MY - but it's odd. He's pitching his tone higher than normal, with an odd accent. Couldn't really place it, but it's not what he usually sounds like. Actually he reminded me alot of Dean Kelly's (his brother in real life) character in "The Low Down" Only more upset and rough.

Course then there's the swearing!!!! Goodness, what cuss word doesn't he say? hehe.... Oh, and the rough-house scrap he gets into with his brother (the film's lead.)

So I'd say it's worth seeing for Craig fans - but unless you HAVE to own everything Craig, I'd rent it rather than buying it.


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