I made someone a promise that I would make a fan video to celebrate and promote "Husbands" - and while I haven't made a vid in over five years, I gave it a go:

HUSBANDS - “Unconditionally”
Fan Video By: xof1013
Written By: Brad Bell & Jane Espenson
Website: http://husbandstheseries.com/
Song: "Unconditionally" (Katy Perry)

FAN VIDEO LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzXdo7zpB_E

Seven hours, multiple windows movie maker crashes and a wing and a prayer later… ENJOY!!! This video is a celebration of all things “Husbands” - the show, the team, the fans and is posted in the HOPE that the CW Network understands just how MUCH the fans love and want MORE of “Husbands” on our tvs.

Re-Blog, Comment, Share and know that I truly hope you like it.

BTW - I run the “Husbands” Fans Tumblr:


Featuring: Brad Bell, Sean Hemeon, Alessandra Torresani, Seth Green, Amy Acker, Michael Hogan, Beth Grant, Deb Theaker, Joss Whedon, Mekhi Phifer and Clare Grant

- - -

“Husbands” - By Brad Bell & Jane Espenson
Formats: Web Sitcom & Graphic Novel
Official Website: http://husbandstheseries.com/
Official Tumblr: http://lovehusbands.com/
Watch: www.cwseed.com
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/CWSeed
Would you help vote for "Husbands" on the People's Telly Awards??? You just have to click on this link:


And then click on Thumbs Up. That's it!

Voting through March 23rd. Ask all your friends to do it, too!

Thank you soooooo much! Hugs x
xof1013: (Adam Lambert - Blond Pirate Idol)
( Feb. 9th, 2012 06:40 pm)
Hi everyone... :)

If you got an email from livejournal yesterday - it was probably a private message from me. I put in personal requests asking folks on my friends' list to PLEASE help me to vote on something that means a lot to me.

So here's my 2nd public plea post -

I have been working to promote the Marriage Equality Comedy Web Series "Husbands" as a fan. At a time in my life where things are rather dark and not so hopeful - extended unemployment will do that - I find that trying to do good for a show I believe in ... helps.

Jane Espenson & Brad Bell (aka Cheeks) have created a GEM of a series. One that I want to see more of in future. A big part of getting that to happen is to grow the audience, but also to show that the audience it does have is willing to make their opinions known.

This week, California's Prop 8 was ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL. That's a MAJOR step in Equal Rights for all. And it should be CELEBRATED.

So I'm asking - again - PLEASE - for me, for the cause - would you take a moment to VOTE for TeamHusbands as #webshow in the Shorty Awards?

You can vote 1 time per twitter account. And only 1 time.

But if you have more than one twitter, you can vote once with each of them. (Please do.)

Go here - http://shortyawards.com/category/webshow

Type in TeamHusbands
Click in the large box and finish the sentence starting after "because..." - if you don't, the vote won't count.
Click Tweet Vote.

Very easy. Very quick.

Thank you sooooooo much to those who have voted already. It means the world to me.


Hi there -

Would the folks on my livejournal friends' list - pretty please help me vote on this:

Put in a vote for TeamHusbands for the Shorty Awards? Category is #webshow -


Just type in TeamHusbands (don't put the @ sign in, it defaults)
Then click in the description box and finish the "because..." sentence.
(Uncheck the follow Shorty Awards on twitter box) - Then click tweet it.

It's ONE vote per twitter account - if you have more than one, vote using each. They have less than 9 days to go....

Please, would you ask your friends to vote as well? I appreciate your help soooo much.

PS - if for no other reason, CELEBRATE the Marriage Equality ruling in California yesterday that stated Proposition 8 was UNCONSTITUTIONAL by voting here for a comedy marriage equality webshow by Jane Espenson & Brad Bell.



Would you guys please take just a quick moment to vote for TeamHusbands for #webshow in the Shorty Awards ???


You can vote once with each of your twitter accounts. And the more votes, the better.

Type in TeamHusbands in the first box, and complete the "because..." section with a word or two.

I really appreciate your help.



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