Surreal night. Really....

I haven't written much personal info lately, so I thought I'd share my OMG moment of the day.

I have a laptop. Have had it like three years, mainly due to the fact that my "real" computer died on me so long ago (cd rom drive died, got boot virus, couldn't fix it because it wouldn't recognize the cd system disk, etc etc etc - long story and three years not so short later, it's practically fried).

Well, out of the blue my mom decided she wanted to learn and use a computer. (She never took it seriously before now - and just over two years shy of 70, she's "into it." ha...) There's a problem of course - she hates my laptop (I adore it), and is afraid she'll kill it (uhm, me too.) Sooo, let's get the old one "fixed" - if that's possible.

Sooo, we have a tech come over and get told the harddrive is either dead or dying. And the monitor is deceased. He'll try and retrieve my files onto disk, but that's about the sum of it.

Which leads to the what the hell did I do moment....

I ordered a computer. In less than an hour, I go from fix the old one, to clicking the submit button to buy a new one. One that's fast, has more memory and is better than even my laptop (which has had to be reformatted, freezes, etc. anyway as is...)

Now I am in freak mode, because quick sudden expensive decisions make me feel like I've been hit in the gut. Seriously, I feel completely off-kilter and it hasn't gone away yet. (Don't think of the money, don't think of the money - oh hell, there I go, thinking about the

But really - in the end, it'll be a good thing - I have a backup ("teaching") pc that she can use and I can have if the laptop dies (which will prob happen - it's about that time, happens to me in three year increments.) I'm just hoping she doesn't kill

Anyway - [ profile] wannabebrit let me in on some info a day or so ago - and since the sale expires in like 24 hrs on Wednesday, I thought I'd share it for those who are possibly looking to get in quick. is having a sale - on their desktop pcs - includes good prices, at least $100 off, free color printer, free shipping, and depending on your choice of pc, a great deal on large flat panel monitors too.

GO take a look....


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