All fans of Aidan Gillen and/or Craig Kelly – heads up, pay attention!!! Lol…

Announcement Time!!!

As some of you may have read, Smartgroups is closing at the end of November. As in ‘that’s it folks, hope you enjoyed the show’…lol. Which means my QAFLovers photo archive needed a new home. And quite frankly a new name….


The choice of QAFLovers was of course based on Aidan Gillen and Craig Kelly’s roles in the UK Queer As Folk. But over the years, the course of the archive was greatly altered to cover as many aspects of their previous and future career achievements as I could amass. The goal has been and is still to collect as many photos – many of them extremely rare and/or candid – as I could in one place. Photos that show as well rounded a retrospective of their work as could be found. And to present the photos in a manner that would allow them to be seen in their original size, without being compressed by whatever site I was using to archive them.

I opened the field to suggestions for site choices and the luvly Ms. Margo came up with a winner!!! Many thanks to her for looking out for me; it’s much appreciated.

So I give you the new and improved Aidan Gillen / Craig Kelly Photo Archive!!!

That’s right; it’s now a website!!! Instead of a list like the old one. Please update your bookmarks. The site uses Google’s Picasa2 software, which has proven extremely user friendly for upload of a massive photo collection. I’m happy to report that it’s also been said to be user friends as a viewer, whether you’re on DSL or dialup connections. (Hugs to Margo, Em, Ann Marie and Aerynvala for giving the site a look-see in advance.)

Advantages? A HUGE amount of storage space for more photos to be added – that was my biggest hurtle on Smartgroups, having to pick and choose what to keep available as my image capacity diminished. This site allows a lot of space for free, which has given me the freedom to … well, more on that in a minute…hehe. (It’s a prezzie, shushhhhhh.)

Another advantage is being able to pick photo album cover pics – to me that’s an esthetic plus. (All, choosing-a-book-by-its-cover jokes aside…) Since the one thing Picasa doesn’t allow is alphabetized albums, this lets you see where you’re going without having to guess your way through.

Each album can be viewed with three different size icons – your choice (upper right side of each album). Lets you individually looked at full size photos and comment on pictures, if you will. You can save-as on any pic you like. Or, it lets you download entire albums, very easily, if you have Picasa on your PC.

(Picasa2 is great for your personal photos, too. If you want something that will automatically load whole photo archives on your PC for your private and/or public use – this is THE best I’ve seen so far, and fastest. No more uploading one to five pics at a time, manually.)

But enough of all that – did she say prezzie??? What’s the prezzie???

I welcome you to go to the Aidan Gillen / Craig Kelly Photo Archive and see!!!!

See what, you may be asking??? Welllllll…. In preparation for opening the archive to the public, I’ve been a bit busy. With what? Lollll….

Try and think of THE rarest, hard to find moments from both Aidan and Craig’s careers? Things that you’ve only read about, but were also curious to see. Well, many thanks to a certain tape tree, two ladies especially – waves at Alexis and Margo – I’ve been working my screen-capping arse off to present you with screencaps of as many rare film and television features as I could.

Meaning there are now dozens, upon dozens of photos from things like “Safe” – “Photo Finish” – “Trouble With Sex” – “Walk Away And I Stumble” – “Poirot: Five Little Pigs” – “Law & Order” – “The Young Americans” – “Oh Marbella” – “Having It Off” – “In Suspicious Circumstances” – “Gold In The Streets” – “First Communion Day” – “After Life 2” – “Silent Cry” – etc…. Many albums have anywhere from 20 up to almost 100 pics from these projects!!!

From their earliest jobs to their most recent features - if you want to truly see Aidan and Craig in as many different characters as you can – THIS is the place! There are a total of 58 photo albums and several hundred photos you’ve probably never even seen – with more to come!

I truly hope that you visit, take a long look around – enjoy and spread the word to any of your friends who share an interest in these two extremely talented men.



PS – Standard disclaimer, I make no claim of ownership of any of these images. The archive is meant to be a collective for publicly posted photographs, and/or screencaps made with the intent to be freely shared among friends, and fellow Aidan Gillen and Craig Kelly fans. Obviously, no profit or copyright infringement is intended.

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