Time for an update, I figured. For existing (1313 strong w/no bouncing...lol) and perspective members....

The QAFLovers list/photo archive has been changed as of today to "private" rather than public. I've been getting too many spam attempts at non-folks joining, hence the change. Also, if you want to join - please read the homepage info that says you need to send a quick email asking to join. That's just to validate your email and your existence...lol.

I've added more pics - as you can tell from the list below, there are LOADS to be found!

Oh, and by all means - just because the list is "private" - please do spread the word around to any newbies to the fandom or show - or to any aidan / craig lovers out there, too. Or add the link to the list to your favs, if you like. I encourage new members - afterall, this was created to house the photograph archive so folks could share in the wealth of visual prettiness. ((It's a great place to start if you're into making icons! Which we'd all love to see more of...))

Site Info - Photo Album Descriptions - Photo Count:

Group Home:

Acid's Creations - Don't Use Without Permission (2 pictures)
Aidan G - Article/Interview/Candid Photos (87 pictures)
Aidan G - Film - Buddy Boy (10 pictures)
Aidan G - Film - Circle Of Friends (6 pictures)
Aidan G - Film - Five Little Pigs (11 pictures)
Aidan G - Film - Gold in the Streets (3 pictures)
Aidan G - Film - Mojo (14 pictures)
Aidan G - Film - My Kingdom (5 pictures)
Aidan G - Film - Photo Finish (1 picture)
Aidan G - Film - Safe (6 pictures)
Aidan G - Film - Shanghai Knights (14 pictures)
Aidan G - Film - Some Mother's Son (13 pictures)
Aidan G - Film - The Courier (6 pictures)
Aidan G - Film - The Final Curtain (7 pictures)
Aidan G - Film - The Low Down (18 pictures)
Aidan G - Film - Trouble With Sex (14 pictures)
Aidan G - Film Short - The Burning Bed (12 pictures)
Aidan G - On Stage (Plays) (59 pictures)
Aidan G - Television - Dice (2 pictures)
Aidan G - Television - Law & Order - Trial By Jury (5 pictures)
Aidan G - Television - Lorna Doone (6 pictures)
Aidan G - Television - The Bill (6 pictures)
Aidan G - Television - The Darkling (11 pictures)
Aidan G - Television - The Last Detective (3 pictures)
Aidan G - Television - The Wire (29 pictures)
Aidan G - Television - Walk Away & I Stumble (9 pictures)
Aidan G - UK QAF (Stuart Alan Jones) (41 pictures)
Craig K - Article/Interview/Candid Photos (20 pictures)
Craig K - Film - Oh, Marbella (19 pictures)
Craig K - Film - Spice World (4 pictures)
Craig K - Film - The Young Americans (9 pictures)
Craig K - Film - Three Blind Mice (10 pictures)
Craig K - Film - Titantic (6 pictures)
Craig K - Film - When Saturday Comes (6 pictures)
Craig K - Film - Wing Commander (1 picture)
Craig K - Television - A Touch Of Frost (28 pictures)
Craig K - Television - Casualty (2 pictures)
Craig K - Television - Children of the New Forest (2 pictures)
Craig K - Television - Clocking Off (4 pictures)
Craig K - Television - Helen of Troy (20 pictures)
Craig K - Television - Hotel Babylon (2 pictures)
Craig K - Television - Love Gods (4 pictures)
Craig K - Television - Waking The Dead (11 pictures)
Craig K - UK QAF (Vince Tyler) (19 pictures)
Stuart - Nathan pics (15 pictures)
Stuart - Vince Pics (46 pictures)
Stuart, Vince and Nathan (18 pictures)
UK - Odd and End Pics (23 pictures)

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