Well, it's Christmas Eve and I'm bored beyond being bored. So I thought I'd do some busy work, and share some pics I had developed (forgive the size...lol) - showing my mom's handy work for the holiday.

Now it should be preferenced that she's a creative girl - and that we didn't have a tree this year, so practically every surface of the room got x-mas'ed to within an inch of its life, or non-life...lol.

If you want to see prettiness and clutter...lol - take a look:

Pic 1 - This Christmas Wreath that has been a part of my life for count-them... 24 years. Seriously, she hand made this from dried wild grape vines when I was 8, and each year we have to carefully wrap and store it - only to find out the next year when it's unwrapped that it's fallen apart to some degree - so she gets to play Martha Stewart again with all the pine cones and holly she can find. It's always an event, truly. To see how she transforms it into such a beautiful piece. Darlins' - this wreathe IS the holidays for me, and it's all because of her. No matter what kinda of year we've had - good, bad or worse - no matter how badly she suffers from arthritis till her hands can hardly work - this wreath survives. There's so much of her in it, so very much.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Pic 2 - The wreath may survive, but the fish don't always it seems...lol. So this year, seeing as how we are sans fishdom - we decided to utilize the tank as a sort of Santa Land. Every Santa we had went into it...lol. Also covering the span of my life - seeing as how the very first gift I was given as a baby was a handmade ceramic Santa piggy bank - and it's in there (center, towards the back)! 32 years later... (Oh, and for fans of my "Not Letting Go" UKQAF Series - THIS is the aquarium that I based Stuart's gift on - the one he buys for Vince to go into the loft after he kidnaps the man's fish by way of asking him to move in...lol.)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Pic 3 - Top of the television cabinet (hand-painted and be-tazzled by my mom...lol) - it's the holiday hold-all...lol - nick-nacks and collectables. And one or two things I got at the office x-mas party - hello Mr. Snowman and the mini-tree.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Pic 4 - Yes, here's the proof - even the toy DUCK didn't escape the holiday decorating without a new frock!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Pic 5 - Last one. From our house, to yours - happy holidays!! And Lii Lii (beautiful girl that she is) - choruses that sentiment with a Woof Woof!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


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