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( May. 27th, 2016 03:38 pm)
My Mom passed away 3 days ago. It's been the longest 3 days that I can remember. The pain and loss feel overwhelming. But beyond the grief is the constant clawing worry and anxiety about how to do this. How to lay her to rest. It's a terrible thing when you find yourself bursting into tears on the phone with the mortician not from the grief, but from the cost and the deadlines. So many calls, Lord above.

And to see it affecting not only you, but the pets as well. My Mom's puppy is starting to figure out that something is wrong. Madison was the love of my Mom's life - and was one of the last few words I could say that she would understand. She would repeat his name and say Beautiful. And he is... Today he's being so so quiet, which isn't like him.

Sharing a photo I took for Mom when she went into the hospital, prior to her stroke. (She'd been in hospital for another condition for over a week when the stroke happened.)

But now it seems to be Izzy, our orange tabby, who is the most confused. He keeps circling her chair and then going to the window as if she'll be coming home. He does it over and over. When he's not trying to cuddle and be held like a child. The most independent one of them all...now to this.

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And if you can, please consider donating. I need your help. The support is heartening in such a dark time. And it is needed, so very much. Thank you. And know that it means the world.

Tumblr Link: http://xof1013.tumblr.com/post/145017184247/my-mom-passed-away-3-days-ago-its-been-the
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( May. 25th, 2016 12:25 am)
My mother passed away this afternoon.  I was with her.  Her end was not easy.

I am devastated to have lost her; and in this way.

Please, please - if you can - please help me lay her to rest.  She did not have a will; and no resource set aside to cover her funeral expenses.  I'm left not knowing what to do, so I must ask for help.

Donate, if you can.  Share the link so others may see.


Thank you.



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