AIDAN GILLAN – A Fan Collection Sale - MAGAZINES

There are a total of 12 Magazines & 5 Newspaper Supplements in this SALE post. (Most of the supplementals are over-sized - larger than most magazines, but not thicker.)

These Magazines include some of THE BEST photos of Aidan Gillen ever put into print. They are a MUST OWN for anyone who loves having their favorite photos in hand. Many of these magazines include feature article interviews to go along with the photos.


(there are a couple that are EBAY ONLY listings - more details below)

Again, as posted in the main post for this collection sale - I strongly encourage you to combine your items for shipping. Shipping is additional - refer to Main Post for details:

REMINDER - INCLUDE THE ITEM NUMBER IN YOUR REPLY - I will track with # & time stamp to ensure it's first come / first buy.

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AIDAN GILLAN – A Fan Collection Sale - STAGE

There are a total of 11 Stage Play Bills (most of which include Photos) in this SALE post. Typically, the play bills are sized Regular & LARGE (which includes many more photos).



Regular Pamphlet Size - $12 EACH
LARGE w/multi photos - $20 EACH
- These are usually bound like a magazine.

Again, as posted in the main post for this collection sale - I strongly encourage you to combine your items for shipping. Shipping is additional - refer to Main Post for details:

REMINDER - INCLUDE THE ITEM NUMBER IN YOUR REPLY - I will track with # & time stamp to ensure it's first come / first buy.

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There are a total of 31 Photos & 2 Press Kits (which include Photos) in this SALE post. Each photo is on professional quality print paper - most of them are glossy - and the majority of these photos are 8x10 or LARGER.

Trust me - you do NOT get how gorgeous this man is until you hold these photos in your hands.


(These are not snapshots - they are portrait sized, ready for framing.)

Again, as posted in the main post for this collection sale - I strongly encourage you to combine your items for shipping. Shipping is additional - refer to Main Post for details:

REMINDER - INCLUDE THE ITEM NUMBER IN YOUR REPLY - I will track with # & time stamp to ensure it's first come / first buy.

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AIDAN GILLAN – A Fan Collection Sale - MAIN POST

This collection has been amassed over a decade and covers every aspect of Aidan Gillen’s career from his earliest appearances on Stage, his work in Television shows like “Queer As Folk” and his roles in Film.

Items include professional quality glossy photographs, press kits, stage playbills, newspaper entertainment supplements and magazine articles / interviews.


Many of these items are RARE – a few of the photos from his stage work have NEVER been seen online.

With the EXCEPTION OF A FEW MAGAZINES which may garner cross-over interest due to feature covers / articles on other actors in addition to Aidan’s inclusion, ALL ITEMS will be SOLD IN A FIRST COME / FIRST BUY FASHION – with FIXED PRICING.

PAYMENTS ARE VIA PAYPAL ONLY. Payment / shipping must be received promptly & prior to shipment.

Items are available for international purchase (additional postage will apply).

Shipping is additional – I prefer to ship using Priority Mail via the US Postal Service. I strongly encourage buyers to combine their items so that shipping is less – more bang for your buck, as it where. (Flat fee cannot be determined per item, because final weight of package is based on number items you have bought and your location. I will work with you gladly to get the best option based on your purchases.)

Standard Priority Shipping Information can be found here:

There are three posts – linked below - that cover the items on sale.

If you find an item you like, post a reply to claim the item – INCLUDE THE ITEM NUMBER IN YOUR REPLY. I will be using timestamps on replies to make sure the first person that claims an item, gets it.

You can email me if you have a question at

Please – SHARE the news of the sale with your friends on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, etc.





Dozens of RARE & UNIQUE collection items - including professional photos, magazines, playbills & press-kits from Aidan Gillen's career.

The collection was amassed over the last decade, and is now being sold in lots and as individual items starting in the next 24 hours.

I strongly encourage and ask you to share this news with your fellow Aidan Gillen fans.

This will be THE largest auction of collected goods covering the entire span of this amazing actor's career that I have seen to date.


More news to follow once the itemization, photos, etc are finished.

Thank you.

Official streams of Adam Lambert's newest album went live all over the world today - including on his website - ...

But the French stream is a much higher quality clip -

If you haven't listen to the entire album - YOU ARE IN FOR A BIGGGGGGGG TREAT.

I cannot praise and recommend it enough. Love every song - ESP Cuckoo, Shady, Pop That Lock, Runnin, etc etc For slow raw BEAUTY - you NEED to hear "Underneath" and "Outlaws of Love". On like repeat, again and again.

The album comes out on May 15th in the USA - but it's an international release, so it'll be worldwide within the week for most - the UK gets it in June to correspond with hype of Adam's concert dates with Queen. Plus the UK will get 2 more bonus tracks!

The Deluxe version of the CD has 15 songs - so the UK will be 17 songs! I truly hope you get the Deluxe CD via iTunes or Amazon, etc. Those 3 bonus songs are fantastic!

Hope you give it a try. This is NOT your typical Idol alum album. It's fucking quality, people.

And the reviews are coming in FAST, FURIOUS and POSITIVELY GLOWING!!!

Did you know that Rolling Stone rated it 4 STARS out of FIVE? They practically NEVER give 5 to anyone - but just remember, they gave Adele's "21" only 3.5 STARS. (wtf)

ADAM > ADELE...lollll. (I love her too, btw.)

He's so cute... repeating her name over and over like

Inni-K - Gentle Star



Someone asked me this question.  I think my answer was a bit of a

Here's his IMDB list - The ones I've seen are in BOLD / Italics.

(The ones I haven't - trust me - it's not for lack of TRYING to find them.)


Aidan Gillen - IMDB

The Drip - Short - 1985

The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne - Film - 1987

The Courier - Short - 1988

Killing Time - Short - 1990

An Ungentlemanly Act - TV Movie - 1992

Belfry - TV Movie - 1993

A Handful of Stars - TV Movie - 1993

The Bill (Play The Game) - TV Series - 1993  (I've seen photos only.)

Safe - TV Movie - 1993

In Suspicious Circumstances - TV Series - 1994

Circle of Friends - Film - 1995

Some Mother's Son - Film - 1996

Mojo - Film - 1997

Gold In The Streets - Film - 1998

Amazing Grace - Short - 1998 ... I've seen part of this, not all.

Queer As Folk - Season 1 - TV Series - 1999

Buddy Boy - Film - 1999

Queer As Folk - Season 2 - TV Series - 2000

The Second Death - Short - 2000

The Low Down - Film - 2000

The Darkling - TV Movie - 2000

Lorna Doone - TV Movie - 2000

My Kingdom - TV Movie - 2001

Dice - TV Mini Series - 2001

First Communion Day - Short - 2002

The Final Curtain - Film - 2002

Photo Finish - Film - 2002

Shanghai Knights - Film - 2003

Burning The Bed - Short - 2003

Agatha Christie's Poirot - Five Little Pigs - TV Series - 2003

Law & Order: Trail By Jury - Vigilante - TV Series - 2005

The Last Detective - Willesden Confidential - TV Series - 2005

Walk Away & I Stumble - TV Movie - 2005

Trouble With Sex - Film - 2006

Blackout - Film - 2008

The Wire - 3 Seasons - TV Series - 2004-2008 

12 Rounds - Film - 2009

Freefall - TV Movie - 2009

Spunkbubble - Short - 2009

Runners - Short - 2009

Identity - TV Series - 2010

Treacle Jr - Film - 2010

Thorne: Sleepyhead - TV Series - 2010

Thorne: Scaredy Cat - TV Series - 2010

Wake Wood - Film - 2011

Blitz - Film - 2011

Love/Hate - 2 Seasons - TV Series - 2010/2011

Game of Thrones - Season 1 - TV Series - 2011

Shadow Dancer - Film - 2012 (unreleased)

Game of Thrones - Season 2 - TV Series - 2012 (currently airing)

The Dark Knight Rises - Film - 2012 (Saw video of his cameo.)

Calvary - Film - 2013 (pre-production)

The Good Man - Film - 2013 (post-production)

Mister John - Film - 2013 (post-production)


Not including the "Self" credits - most of which are behind-the-scenes video for DVD releases and/or show promo - and I've seen all listed.


I haven't had the fortune of seeing Aidan in a stage play.  I know a few VERY lucky people who have, and a couple of extremely loyal people who have flown to three different countries to see him on stage.  That's dedication.  Though I do have play bills for several of his stage plays dating back to his earliest roles thanks to friends

Hugs xof1013

Aidan has volunteered to help raise money for the David Ashwell Foundation.

Details about the cause can be found in this article -

Aidan Auction Details:

"A chance meeting with Wire actor Aidan Gillen by one of Amelia’s friends means the actor is the star prize in a silent auction. The winning bidder will win a £50 flight voucher to Belfast, a one-night stay for two people in a hotel, a lunch/dinner voucher for a hotel meal, return transfers from Belfast airport and dinner at a restaurant with Aidan Gillen. The auction takes place at midnight on Friday, April 27."


"Send a bid via email to entitled “silent auction”. In the email state your maximum bid plus name, address, phone number and email address. Terms and conditions apply."
Just posted - two new vids with Aidan introducing bands on "Other Voices":

Ham SandwicH - Ants

Fred - Stereoscope


New performances posted - here's the recent ones with Aidan Gillen doing the introductions before hand:

Ambience Affair - Fragile Things

Gypsies on the Autobahn - Five Words

Rams' Pocket Radio - 1+2

We Cut Corners - A Pirates Life


In honor of "Game Of Thrones" coming back soon - Barry McCall posted this photo of Aidan:


Larger version under the cut - Read more... )


HBO just posted this:

Game Of Thrones Season 1: Character Featurette - Renly Baratheon

Aidan is heavily featured, in scenes with Natalie Dormer (The Tudors) - who plays Margaery Tyrell.

Can't wait to see more Littlefinger!!! :)

Random search on some of Aidan's more obscure roles yielded rewards tonight. :)

"Runners" - 2009

Film short is a quicktime file - will not embed, so watch it at the link above. Aidan plays the drug dealer that the teenager in the film works for - and he's rather sadistically amused. But there's curls for days - so that's a plus! :)

"The Second Death" - 2000

It's a rather spooky 11 min short that centers around a local Irish bar which is visited by a man who's had a rather bad day on the job. His expression and demeanor is ... haunted. Well - that's one way of putting it.

The bar is run by a woman, played by Michelle Fairley. Two of the patrons are young men who are playing pool. One of them is Aidan Gillen.

That's right - "Game of Thrones" own Littlefinger and Catelyn Stark!!!

See what I meant by random? The short was created by the same team behind "The Guard", btw. Aidan Gillen is about to start working on their next project, entitled "Calvary" - he does so like to work with, and re-work with Irish filmmakers.

"Amazing Grace" - 1998

This is only a clip from the beginning of the short film:

Young Irishman arrives in London, lost at night - looking for a pub of which he can't remember the name. Knows nothing of the city. He meets Grace, a prostitute, who's also from Belfast. This is the story of what happens when she tries to help him find his way.



ETA - I've updated the Aidan Gillen Photo Archive with screencaps from all three short films!
Originally posted by [ profile] xanthe at The War Against Women Is Never Over
Originally posted by [ profile] morgandawn at The War Against Women Is Never Over
When they marched for the women's right to vote 100 years ago, they were imprisoned, put into strait-jackets and force fed until they vomited blood. They fought for your right to own property, to have access to birth control and your right to an education. This video is fun and clever and hits on some hard truths. And it makes you ask yourself...what I am willing to do today to fight back and protect our rights as women and citizens?  

From the "Other Voices" series:

It's realllllly sweet - the present he made for her. Awww....
Watch Live: Brad Pitt and George Clooney star in "8", a play about the Prop 8 trial.

The Cast is fantastic!!! Free live stream event on Saturday Night:

Again - that's 10:30PM EST / 7:30PM PST

This will be something to see.

Cast: George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Chris Colfer, Jane Lynch, Martin Sheen, Kevin Bacon, John C. Reilly, Jamie Lee Curtis, Christine Lahti, Matthew Morrison, Jessie Tyler Ferguson

Written by: Justin Lance Black
Presented by: Rob Reiner
Would you help vote for "Husbands" on the People's Telly Awards??? You just have to click on this link:

And then click on Thumbs Up. That's it!

Voting through March 23rd. Ask all your friends to do it, too!

Thank you soooooo much! Hugs x

“I did warn you not to trust me…”

Contributed by George Morahan, Otwo Editor on Wednesday, 22 February 2012

With the return of Game of Thrones fast-approaching, star Aidan Gillen talks to George Morahan about the show’s second season, presenting Other Voices and the current state of Irish television. Read more... )




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