So in 2008, Queen performed a free concert in Kiev, Ukraine - to which 350,000+ people showed up... WOW.

Don't believe the number? Take a quick look here:

What's the point? Well, we knew Adam Lambert was going to perform with Queen in London for 3 nights in July, with 3 other European dates in other countries.

THE concert of them all (which is also the first of the six dates) was just announced today:

Queen is doing a joint concert with Elton John - in the same place they performed in 2008 - and it's free for the public to attend.

It's also the night before the Euro 2012 Football Championship (soccer) - hence why sooooo many people will be there AGAIN.

It's happening June 30th - and will be broadcast to millions on TV in the Ukraine and Poland.

To say it'll be one HECK of an event is putting it mildly.



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